Terms of Service

Code of Conduct

The meaning of the abbreviations used in this Code of Conduct is defined at the bottom of this Code of Conduct.

The Support Team

Composed of volunteer players, its members are not allowed to reveal their identity to other players or to other members of WF teams. If a player thinks he or she knows the identity of the player behind a moderator or behind a member of another WF team under a nondisclosure clause, he or she is prohibited from disclosing it under penalty of punishment (major infraction, see B.).

Their members are in charge of solving various problems related to the game (technical, disciplinary, etc.). They must behave with politeness and courtesy at all times. If you still have a dispute with a moderator, you can send a documented complaint to support@wonderland-fantasy.com which will be forwarded to the support team manager. Any abusive complaint against a moderator may be subject to sanction.

When a member of the Support Team contacts you, you must follow their instructions and respond politely and courteously. Any failure to do so will be penalized according to the penalty scale provided (see B.).

We remind you that support team members give of their time (both in-game and IRL) so that everyone can play in peace: try to keep this in mind when contacting one. This of course goes for all teams: support, development, animation, etc.

The support team is subject to strict rules that prohibit its members who are present in-game from teaming up, trading, and resurrecting it. These rules also prohibit any moderator from using his or her powers for any purpose other than those intended for his or her position under penalty of banishment from his or her moderator account, or even his or her player account. In addition, moderators are not allowed to handle tickets involving their own player characters or their player guilds. In accordance with these rules, tracking tools record all critical commands used by moderators (as well as other team members) and post them internally for all to see in real time. Every login by a support team member (and other teams) is also tracked so that everyone, both team members and their supervisor, can verify that no one has spoofed their account. All support team decisions are made collectively and as such multiple members of said team may contact you about the same case depending on its nature.

A. Dispute with a player

In the event of a dispute with another player, we advise you to try to dialogue with the player and resolve the dispute amicably with the player in question. A ticket should be a last resort, to be used only when dialogue is impossible and third party intervention becomes necessary.

If you must resort to writing a ticket, please include at least one screenshot for reference. It is crucial that the screenshot shows the full screen of the game and has not been edited (censored or otherwise) in order to be admissible. It must clearly show the abuse you want to highlight. Note that a full screen shot allows the support team to see the date and version of the game. Videos are also accepted. If you have any questions, you can contact the team directly in-game if an administrator is logged in, on our Discord server, or via email at support@wonderland-fantasy.com.

N.B. Any misuse of the ticket system will be documented and punished.

B. Warnings and Sanctions

The support team reserves the right to apply warnings or sanctions depending on the severity of the offense, the offending player's reaction to the support team, and his or her history of previous warnings or sanctions. Thus a player may receive a simple admonishment, an official warning, a suspension ranging from 24 hours to 1 year, or a permanent ban.

Penalty Scales

Minor Offense

The penalty scale for a minor infraction starts with an official warning, then a 24-hour suspension, then a three-day suspension, then a one-week suspension, and finally a two-week suspension. It may be accompanied by a mute (inability to speak) of increasing duration at the location of the offense (in-game chat channels, Discord, forums, etc.). This penalty scale is reset after one year without a penalty.

Major Offense

The penalty scale for a major infraction starts with a one-week suspension, then a month, then a year, and finally a permanent ban of the account. This can be accompanied by a kick from the server if necessary. This scale of penalties is reset after three years without a penalty (except for the permanent ban).

Critical Offense

Account termination after warning the player by email.

In certain special cases (highly abusive version of an offence, repeated minor offences, etc.), the assistance team reserves the right to disregard the above scales of sanctions in order to decide on a sanction better suited to the seriousness of the facts observed (e.g. reclassification of a minor offence as a major offence). (ex : Minor offence => Major offence).

N.B. In the event of a serious and immediate sanction (suspension or ban), the player in question will no longer be able to be contacted in-game, but will be contacted via an email in the email box indicated on his personal account, which is why it is important to give a real email address when registering. If the player in question does not receive the email or if he/she disputes the sanction, he/she can contact the support team at the following address : support@wonderland-fantasy.com.


The application of the sanctions provided for in the Code of Conduct is distributed as follows:

  • Mutes and oral warnings can be applied by all moderators ;
  • Official warnings (by email) can be applied by any moderator of GM rank or higher;
  • suspensions can only be issued by SGM grade moderators;
  • account bans can only be issued and enforced by the administrators.

C. Rules of the Code of Conduct

I. Rules of courtesy

I.1. Harassment of a player or a member of the WF team

Major or Minor offence (depending on the seriousness of the facts, the assistance team will decide on a case by case basis)

Provocation and harassment, whether verbal or by gameplay actions, are forbidden on all WF channels (in-game chat, Discord...) and on the WF forum: insults, threats of any kind (under the guise of roleplay or not), provocation via emotes or others, but also abusive chain kill of a character (outside of battle or PvP event), repeated or regular mobs pulls on the same character... This list is not exhaustive. The support team reserves the right to build a file if it considers a case of harassment proven, and to take the necessary decisions given the seriousness of the facts.

I.2. Slandering or spreading rumors about a WF team member

Major or Minor offence : Depending on the seriousness of the facts, the assistance team will decide on a case-by-case basis.

Spreading rumors, false accusations, or lies against any member of the WF Team, in order to harm them or their reputation or honor, is strictly prohibited. The Support Team reserves the right to make appropriate decisions based on the severity of the facts.

I.3 Insults, rudeness, disrespect to a player or WF team member

Minor Offense

It is totally forbidden to insult, be rude or disrespectful to other players, whether in a direct or roundabout way, under the guise of roleplay or not, and/or in a language they understand or not. The support team reserves the right to judge the severity of the profanity exchanged and to punish it at its discretion.

I.4 Failure to obey a moderator's directions

Minor Infraction

When contacted by a moderator, you must respond as quickly as possible and follow his or her instructions carefully, or you will incur a penalty.

I.5. Disruption of an in-game event

Minor disruption

Out of respect for the players participating in an event and for the animation team that prepared it, it is requested that players outside of this event do not come and disrupt it with inappropriate or out of place words or actions. Any abuse may be punished. If you wish to interact with a scheduled event, please contact the support team (support@wonderland-fantasy.com), specifying in its title that your message is for the attention of the animation team, which will judge the admissibility of your request.

The animation team and support team reserve the right to exclude any disruptor by teleporting the character to another (safe) location or by taking more drastic measures, such as teleporting and rooting the character for the duration of the event, when the player does not comply and continues to disrupt. In addition, a penalty may, if necessary, be applied afterwards.

I.6. Account sharing

No violation

Sharing a player account is strongly discouraged. The support team will completely disengage from any problems resulting from such sharing: logging into the shared account without the owner's consent, stealing items belonging to characters on the account or their guild (whether to sell, trade, or destroy them, appropriation of the account by another player, etc.) In the event of account sharing, the account owner remains responsible for the words and actions of the characters he or she is hosting, and thus faces a penalty for violating the Code of Conduct.

I.7. Misconduct on a chat channel (including game server, forums and Discord)

Major Offense or minor: depending on the seriousness of the facts, the support team will decide on a case-by-case basis.

Channels outside of the game are primarily for mutual aid (questions and answers about the game, requests for help or character resurrection, etc.), and are open to any discussion of interest to the majority of the community. For discussions of any other nature, please use a private channel. Flooding is therefore controlled by the moderators and trolls, spam (the action of repeating or posting several messages in a row within a few minutes) and flames are forbidden.

  • Harassment, threats, or other embarrassing and discomforting acts towards/to another player or member of a WF team are prohibited.
  • Coarse, abusive, defamatory, obscene, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, sexually explicit comments are prohibited. This list is not exhaustive.
  • You may not impersonate a moderator or member of any WF team.
  • You must not violate any applicable local, national, European or international laws (including those in the country where your game server is hosted).
  • Illegal transfer of documents, files or other items is prohibited via the WF network.
  • When a moderator contacts you in-game or on any other WF service, you must respond and follow their instructions.
  • You may not use the WF Services for any activities other than those permitted in the Game World.
  • If your profile information is false, incomplete or inaccurate, you may not be able to receive support because the moderators cannot identify you with certainty.
  • You must not communicate any personal data of other players, either in-game, on the WF forums or via Discord.

Courtesy in the game

  • You must not violate the Code of Conduct.
  • Harassment in any form is prohibited.
  • You must not interfere with another player during their phases of play.
  • You must be respectful of other players and WF team members.
  • You should not hide behind a 'role' to break the rules of courtesy.

Rules on the forums

  • You must not violate the Code of Conduct.
  • You must express yourself clearly, and act as a civilized and polite person.
  • You must not harass or insult other players or any member of the WF team.
  • Cross posting (posting the same message several times to attract attention) is prohibited.
  • You are required to report any illegal or unethical comments.
  • Advertising for sites or others not related to WF is prohibited.

II. Name Charter

The Name Charter defines the rules that govern the choice of your character's nickname when it is created. It is established by the support team under the direction of its manager.

Name Selection

When creating your character, you will need to choose a name for it in the final phase. It is advisable for this choice to be inspired by the Lore, so that your character fits better into the universe, the roleplay. If you lack ideas or if the names you choose are already taken, you can also use the random name generator available at this stage. It remains that a less roleplaying name but in accordance with this charter will be accepted.

Change of name

At any time, a moderator may contact you and ask you to choose another name if it does not conform to the rules detailed below.

You may request a name change from a moderator for reasons such as anonymity, a name that attracts mockery from other players, etc. (not an exhaustive list). Your request must be reasoned and will be validated (or not) by the support team.

Name card and penalties for violations

N.B. If a player multiplies the creation of characters whose name violates the naming policy in the category “Very offensive names” described below, he is liable to the sanctions provided for in the Code of Conduct.

1. Very offensive names

The character is renamed immediately with a default name and the player is notified by email.

  • You may not use as names any phrase or word that is coarse, offensive to any racial or ethnic group, obscene, sexual, or related to the drug culture. You may not use altered spellings to disguise the use of such names. Your name may not refer to sexual anatomy, nor may it constitute offensive language. This prohibition applies to all language used in the game.
  • You may not use a chosen name to impersonate another player or WF team member, or to harm them in any way.

2. Offensive names

The character will be renamed with 24 hours for the player to propose a new name. This only applies to characters created after the publication of this name policy.

You may not use names that are phonetically offensive or would violate the name policy.

Particularity of guild names

Essentially, guild names follow all the rules of the name chart and are subject to the same rules as character names in terms of renaming, depending on whether the elements that make up the guild name are highly offensive, offensive, or simply forbidden. There are exceptions, however:

  • The name of a guild can use the proper names of places in Mirelia to facilitate role-playing ('The Protectors of Letin', for example);
  • A guild name may contain, for roleplay purposes, the name of a character from the Lore if it does not violate any point of the name chart and is consistent with the Lore. Thus 'Byron's children' and 'Limulus' disciples', for example, are in accordance with the name chart
  • Famous names can be rejected on a case-by-case basis

III. Misuse of the game

III.1. Hacking, decryption or similar of WF server data

Critical Offense

Modifying the client or its means of communication with the server in order to gain an advantage is strictly forbidden and punishable by a permanent ban.

III.2. Account hacking

Critical Offense

The taking of control by anyone of a WF account that does not belong to him, whatever the computer means used, is strictly forbidden and will be sanctioned by a definitive ban, except if it is done with the explicit agreement of the owner (for example to solve a technical problem via screen sharing) or if the said person has shared his login and password (see I.6.).

III.3. Use of bot (*)

Major Offense

(*) Use of a third party program to play via automated scripted actions.

Making your character partially or completely autonomous by means of macros external to the WF integrated system is totally prohibited.

Controlling multiple characters through the use of a third-party program is strictly prohibited.

III.4 Multiboxing

III.4.1 General Rule

Multiboxing (playing multiple characters at the same time, without the aid of third-party software) is limited to three simultaneously logged-in accounts. When a player is playing multiple characters simultaneously (multiboxing), there should be no doubt in an observer's mind that they are being controlled manually one after another and not by a bot. In case of doubt, the observer is encouraged to send the support team any video that shows the characters acting in an apparently synchronized manner. The Support Team will then decide whether this constitutes a violation of this Code of Conduct and, if so, whether it is a bot (see III.3) or whether it is only a violation of the rules set forth in this paragraph (III.4). In the latter case, the affected accounts will be subject to a simultaneous connection restriction (inability to connect two or more accounts simultaneously).

III.4.2 Multiboxing involving more than three characters

Major Infraction

The number of accounts connected at the same time by one person is limited to three. However, the support team may make exceptions in special cases (a large family, a public computer, etc.). If you feel that you should be granted such an exception, please contact the Support Team at support@wonderland-fantasy.com, stating the reason for your request as well as the logins for all affected accounts.


III.5 Exploit

Critical, major, or minor breach, as appropriate

The concept of an exploit covers any use of a third-party program, client modification or recompilation, or bug in order to gain an advantage over other players.

Exploits are prohibited and punishable by the support team, which judges the severity of the exploit discovered. Again, repeated violations are an aggravating factor.

The discovery of a security vulnerability or exploitable bug is not a violation of the Code of Conduct as long as it is immediately reported on Discord or by email to the Support Team (support@wonderland-fantasy.com) and is therefore not subject to sanction, provided that the use of the bug in question is discontinued after its discovery.

If you suspect the use of an exploit, please contact us using one of the means listed at the top of this Code.

III.6. Pulling mobs out of events

Minor Infraction

Pulling (luring) one or more mobs at a player or group of players with the intent of killing or harassing them is prohibited. If a person realizes or is informed that their character has unintentionally pulled a mob(s) on one or more characters, they must apologize and do everything possible to help, the characters fallen due to their pull.

If you are the victim of a deliberate pull and you have proof of this (screenshot of a conversation showing that after being immediately contacted by you, the person with the pull showed no sign of regret and did not wish to help you), you can contact the support team via one of the means mentioned at the top of this Code. We will then open a file and act accordingly. Again, repeat offenses will be taken into account.

IV. Inappropriate Advertising

IV.1. gold selling

Critical Infraction

Gold sellers have no business on the game and its environment. Therefore, they are strictly forbidden. The guilty player will be immediately ejected (kicked) and banned for life.

IV.2 Advertising for a product or website not related to WF


Major or minor infringement: (depending on the type of advertising, the support team will rule on a case-by-case basis)

Advertising for websites unrelated to WF and its environment is prohibited. The guilty player will be immediately muted (mute) and penalized. The support team is empowered, after particular examination of each violation, to decide on the penalty according to the nature of the published advertisement.

V. General Fraud

V.1 Impersonating a member of a WF team

Major Fraud

It is strictly forbidden to impersonate a member of WF teams, whether in-game, on the forum, on Discord, or elsewhere on the web.

V.2. Attempting to deceive a WF team member

Major offense if the player gains an advantage, otherwise minor offense

Attempting to dupe a WF team member, either for the purpose of retrieving previously earned items (examples: event reward, mission item, World Boss loot, etc.), or for any other purpose, is strictly prohibited. Any player found to have committed this transgression will be penalized for a major infraction (see B.).

V.3. Impersonating another person

Minor Infraction

It is prohibited to impersonate another person in any way (including pretending to be their alt or reroll and speaking on their behalf).

V.3. Pretending to have a special relationship with a WF team member

Minor Infraction

Pretending to have a privileged relationship with a member of a WF team, whether to harm them, to ingratiate themselves with certain players, to attempt to influence them, or for any other reason, is strictly prohibited. The identity (real and played) of WF team members who are subject to a non-disclosure clause is preserved. In addition, any member of a WF team under NDA is required to follow a specific code of conduct that prohibits them from favoring anyone who plays. NB: If such a relationship is found to exist, the privileged person and the person under NOA are subject to the sanctions provided for in their respective codes of conduct and internal rules.

Legend of abbreviations

  • (S)GM - Game Master (Senior)
  • NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Dev – Developper
  • PvP - Player(s) versus Player(s) (JcJ)
  • GvG - Guild(s) versus Guild(s)
  • PvE - Player(s) versus Environment (NPC, Mobs, etc.)
  • GvE - Guilde versus Environment (NPC, Mobs, etc.)
  • NPC(s) - Non-player character