Change log

Build V2.01.037 03/10/2023
  • Change the casting (skill / item) to not be canceled while you are not in range
  • Finished the secondary questline of the 3rd continent
  • Added a tiny bit of random in the air slash skill so the warrior is not on the exact position of the skill's target
  • Reworked the mouse click on players so you target the player the closest to your mouse
  • Reworked the mouse click on players so you target other players in priority when overlapping
Build V2.01.036 30/09/2023
  • Added dailies 60 names and objectives
  • You can't sit while being frozen / stunned anymore
  • You can't use items while being frozen / stunned anymore
  • You now have to wait 10 seconds instead of 2 when you take or deal damage to be able to regen while sitting
  • Reworked the event interface to properly update when you are registered in an event and you refresh
  • Fixed a little problem with the activity check on battlefield
  • Reworked the whole event system on the server side
  • Changed the instance 50 card reward to have a chance to be a little higher on spirit food, wing upgrade gem and mount upgrade gem
  • There is now a 1 day delay to create a guild when you leave one
  • A newly created guild cannot be in a war for 7 days
  • Reworked the whole casting system (Skill / Item casting when your mouse icon change, not the cast bar)
  • There is now a 5 second delay when trying to change map / line
  • Added Masquerade event
Build V2.01.035 10/09/2023
  • Changed a tiny bit how battlefield's teams are made
  • Added an automatic server reboot at 5am (server time)
  • After a certain time being dead, your character now automatically gets revived (bugged out -> rolled back)
  • Mage's destruction talent "overdrive" has been nerfed to 120% -> 60%, cooldown 60s -> 90s
  • When a player pick's up items, they now move to the player before they get deleted
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes, some instance mobs would not spawn as elite
  • Added an item in the gold shop to reroll a spirit book's stat
  • Runes can now be stacked (in your bag / stash)
  • Fixed the guild quest being available even when players had no guilds
  • Updated some more animations
Build V2.01.034 03/09/2023
  • Fix: When you use a rune on your gears, it now properly update your HP
  • Updated a lot of animations
  • Fix: GCD now doesn't break mage's talent "chain casting"
  • Fix: "Feign death" doesn't prevent the player from taking DoT damages
  • Fix: If you register to an event, refresh the page and click register again, the UI should now properly update
  • Reworked the battlefield map's collisions to try and reduce the lag on the map
Build V2.01.033 29/08/2023
  • Added instance 50
Build V2.01.032 25/08/2023
  • Guild war duration is now 1 day long
  • Guild war cooldown is now 4 day long
  • Optimised a bit the "sell common gear" function
Build V2.01.031 19/08/2023
  • Added a button to sell all common gear in the bag (unbound and not upgraded)
  • Fix: "Enhanced magic shield" giving more than 10 time more damage absorbtion than what it was supposed to give
  • Completly reworked once again the way the players power in battlefield is checked to make teams
  • Rolled back the way hit chance are calculated
  • "Quick Reflexes" mage hunter talent's skill eva has been halfed (as it is too low in the talent tree)
  • Fix: Anti AFK now shouldn't eject players interacting with the game
  • Fix: being killed by a player in an event no longer add him to the foe list
  • Vice leaders and Officers can now upgrade the guild level and shop
  • Fixed some more localization bugs with guild / quest UI
  • Added guild wars
  • Added guild alliances
  • Killing a chief now also count toward quests where you have to kill elites
  • No skill and talent's slow debuff can cumulate anymore
  • Fix: When hovering a crafted item in the craft UI, it now show the proper gold it will be worth
  • Fix: You can now move the daily recomended window properly
  • When you sort your bag and stash, items should now properly auto stack
  • Fix: When you have a scroll bar on your tracked quest, it should no longer go back to the top when the quest objectives updates
  • Fix: Most non agressive NPCs will no longer get killed by mobs
  • Fix: When refining a gear with lock stat, the price and mats requirement should now properly render after the first craft
  • Fix: The EXP you get from refining a gear with lock stat should now properly render
  • Fix: When you kick a player from your guild, the message should now properly show who is kicked and the player that kicked him
  • Fix: Mage life's talent "Divine Guidance" now properly give skill crit acc instead of skill acc at level 15
  • Fix: Ranger mage hunter's talent "Enhanced homing arrow" now have the proper icon
  • Fix: Ranger hunter's talent "Survivability" now properly paralize only close targets
  • Fix: Mobs transformed by the mage's talent skill now can't attack you
  • Fix: Warrior brutality's talent "Enhanced slam" level 20 now properly reduce instant healing potion
  • Fix: Adding / Removing players from the social UI (friend / foe / blocked) should now work properly without the need to refresh
  • Added 2 more 10X Lava Core (at midnight and 6am server time)
  • Fix: Multiple level 60 spirit drops where wrong (octopus spellcaster) and epic spirit "Water Genie" wasn't in the drop list
Build V2.01.030 31/07/2023
  • Fix: If you where out of range of everat skills, you could make him cast forever in loop and he wouldn't attack anymore
  • Added Flame Lord Leo's spirit egg on Kadir and Everat
  • Added more lines to Hall Of Elite 60
  • Reversed a change on heal that hasn't been tested on PTR
Build V2.01.029 30/07/2023
  • Fix: Magic shield now properly absorb damages from elements
  • You can no longer stun / freeze any world bosses as it was to easy to bypass their mechanics
  • Reworked the damages calculation
  • Buffed the ATK SPD stat (the % won't change, only the cooldown of your skill) (ex: 60% ATK SPD now is the same as 100% before the buff, 120% the same as 200% ect)
Build V2.01.028 29/07/2023
  • Fix: Enhanced magic bolt no longer gives wrong stats at level 20
  • Fix: Everat's map is now forced PvP with one line and not the path before it
  • Fix: You should no longer crash when sending a whisper
  • You can no longer see player gear's stats / spirit book and APT when inspecting them
Build V2.01.027 27/07/2023
  • Added some more ANTI AFK features and fixed some that where broken
  • Added hour and minute in chat
  • Fix: a lot of skills / talents had slows that could be added on top of each other
  • Fix: When you hover your base attack, it properly render it's tooltip
  • Fix: Meteor drop's animation should now properly move down
  • Fix: Casting skills can't be casted out or range anymore
  • You can now see both unit price ans stack price on an item tooltip
  • Fix: You now cannot unequip your gears to try to go in easier battlefield
  • Fix: You now cannot roll twice the same valor when refining one
  • You cannot fortify gears level 70 and above with less that 25% chance of success
  • Added 3 lines to HoE 60
Hotfix 24/07/2023
  • Fixed skill GCD abuse
Hotfix 23/07/2023
  • Little hotfix to prevent abuse: You cannot use a portal to get out of a world boss room while in combat now
Build V2.01.026 22/07/2023
  • Added WB 60
  • Added a little optimization on entity movement
  • Reworked the animation system
  • Reworked the drop synch to reduce lag when adding too many items on ground
  • Reworked the rendering of damages / heal to reduce impact of having too much to render at once
  • Overall optimization of the game's client to make the game run smoother
  • Made the game's version not clickable so you can still click menus under it if you play on smaller screen size
  • Fix: Level and class are not in the proper column in the instance interface
  • Fix: The Spirit icon above the action bar should now properly show even if you don't have a spirit in the costume slot
  • Fix: If you sit when polymorphed, you no longer transform into a rat
  • Fix: When dragging items / skill on the action bars, they don't render under it anymore
Build V2.01.025 17/07/2023
  • If a MOB has no animation configured yet, it will now default to bunny
  • Added bahamut's tentacle
  • Fixed a bug where you had to get over 2000 points to finish battlefield and not 2000 and above
  • Crack shot now doesn't prevent rangers from moving
  • Reduced the damage difference between normal mob, elite and chiefs
  • Temporary: Replaced the animation lock that prevented players from moving for 1/3 of a sec by just stopping the player with no paralize to see how it goes in game
  • Event: If you are AFK for too long, you now get kicked out of battlefield and get banned from all events for 4 hours
  • Increased the size of player's mouse hitboxes
Build V2.01.024 14/07/2023
  • Chain Casting now has a 6 second cooldown
  • Fix: When you change map, the player / NPC you had locked on now properly clears
  • Health and Mana potion (both normal and instant) now have a cooldown
  • Fix: You don't get a black screen when someone use a skill on you that push you while you are at the same position
  • Fix: Casting any aggressive skill on a target will now make your character attack him (with base attack)
  • QoL: When you registered to an event, you now have a popup to enter when it starts
  • Complete rework of the damage system
  • Holy ATK now can't crit
  • Removed the crit cap (60% / 70%) (But there is still the minimum 5% / maximum 95%)
  • CRIT (ACC / EVA) and NORMAL ACC / EVA is now increased by the crit % like it was in the old game
  • Added a system so you have a guarantied chance to hit / crit after a while based on your percent
  • Base crit value is now +50% instead of +100%
  • Buffed base valor HP per level from 20 to 800
  • The CRIT ACC and CRIT EVA (both for Normal Attack and Skills) now requires 50 pts to get 1%
  • Mage's talent "LIFE FORCE" has been change so the required health to get holy attack is multiplied by 10 each 500 holy attack gained
  • Warrior's talent "Veteran Scar"'s Enhanced Damage buff has been divided by 2
  • Upgrade gems in zeal chest are now bound from level 70 and higher
  • The GCD (Global CoolDown) is now 1 sec instead of .25 sec
  • Most direct attack skills now prevent the player from moving while the animation plays
  • The mobs now don't have a chance to slow you anymore
Build V2.01.023 11/07/2023
  • Fix: You now properly see the translated quest name when you click on the quest line to get reward while interacting with an NPC
  • Fix: Some minor visual bugs with the character and guild UI on some locales should now be rendered properly
  • Added some missing translations
  • Mob that are too high level for you now give you less EXP
Build V2.01.022 10/07/2023
  • Impact Shot and Penetrate's ranger talent now properly knock back the target
  • Knockback effects now properly works in PvE (but not on bosses / world boss)
  • Attempt to fix a bug where leaving the battlefield could make you unable to interact with allies
  • Fix: You now can see the traps of rangers when they are on ground
  • Fixed a bug where Ranger Hunter's talent poison trap could stay on ground indefinetly
  • Transfert from under level 70 is allowd again, as you can't transfert to level 70 and you can't refine to level 70 gems
  • Battlefield are now every 4 hours, starting at midnight, server time (can still be moved by 1 to 3 hours if it matches better for ALL player's times)
Build V2.01.021 09/07/2023
  • QoL: If you hover a blessing, it now says what stat it is and how much you need to level it to the next level
  • QoL: When it can, the system will now always try to use bound items first
  • QoL: If you try to fortify an already bound item, it will automatically uncheck the "Use no bound items" box
  • Fix a bug where picking up an item with a full inventory would crash your game
Build V2.01.020 08/07/2023
  • Immortal and Unicorn's world boss spirit's stats has been reworked
  • Not bound refine gem craft now has a gold price
  • Added a new security that prevent items from being lost when you bag is full
  • Fix: MAX HP properly reset after upgrading a skill
  • Fix: MAX HP properly reset after upgrading a spirit
  • You can now only transfert gear level from certain level
  • Daily zeal reward chest are back to their state before the previous update
  • You should now properly get ejected out of battlefield if you die while it's on going, then relog while it's over
  • You now cannot delete a character before 48H after it's creation
  • Fixed a bug where fortifying with a low number of gems would make the fortify chances forced to 1% at some level, then force at 0%
  • Blessing required per level now drastically upgraded
  • Blessing rewards as daily quests drastically upgraded depending on the level
Build V2.01.019 05/07/2023
  • Guild name and username is now a bit higher so it doesn't hide the player's face
  • DOTs (Damage Over Time) will not prevent a flag to be taken in battlefield anymore
  • From now on, a message will appear in chat when a world boss spawns
  • When you die on a world boss map, you now revive at the 1st floor of the halls
  • If you press escape while having a skill on mouse (Like pressing fire wall and waiting to place it) it now cancel the skill
  • All entities have a default hitbox even when they don't have a skin loaded
  • When you open a chest, if the chest is bound, the items in it are now automatically bound
  • Bur blessing dailies will now be bound untill we found a better way to the actual abuser
Build V2.01.017 02/07/2023
  • Reworked a part of the particle system
  • Changed the way the damages are sent from the server to the game
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you could not register again to a battlefield after the first one
Build V2.01.016 02/07/2023
  • Fix: You can now use AID on allies
  • Made a little optimisation when the mobs dies so the drops synch all at once
  • Reworked completly the way the damages are rendered in game
Build V2.01.015 01/07/2023
  • QoL: When you target an ennemi, you can now cast benefic skills on yourself such as heal / magic shield without changing target
  • The feed spirit UI now properly reset after you used it a first time
  • QoL: You can now click directly in chat on the channel type (Eg: world, local, guild) on the chat to change message's channel
  • QoL: You can now click directly in chat on the messages to copy them
  • Fix: The buff bar should not prevent you from clicking on the map when there is no buff
  • Added the spirit combine
  • Fix: Token shop should now use the proper price when you levelup
Build V2.01.014 29/06/2023
  • Fix: Added elite 60 dailies (With no text yet)
  • Change: Soul gathering exp now take the mob's level instead of the player level
  • Fix: Starry Town hall of elite deep is now in PK only mode
  • Added some missing translation in the UIs
  • Fix: Fortifying an item with bound materials will now only ask confirmation if the items is not already bound
  • Fix: Title lists should now be on the same line as their icons and shouldn't push the last 2 lines off the character window
  • Fix: Valor now properly unlock at level 60 and not 61
  • The frost breath slow effect can no longer be cumulated with the slow from fire wall
Build V2.01.013 28/06/2023
  • Fix: You cannot interact with a flag in battlefield if you are dead, if the interaction was ongoing, it gets canceled
  • Fix: After a certain delay, if mobs had a target that disappeared, they will not stand on a point forever anymore
  • As i can't seem be able to fix the lags anytime soon, and with the recent nerfs on top of that, Gaia's server event has been nerfed to only 2% to down
  • Fix: Made some little changes on air slash and grapple to prevent players being sent into oblivion
  • Added dailies 60 (With no text in them yet)
  • Fix: Crafting gold requirement and EXP reward for gear 50 and 60 are properly adjusted
  • Fixed: Guild shop items are now properly created and should be able to be upgraded
Build V2.01.012 27/06/2023
  • Did a tiny improvment on server CPU usage
  • Fixed a problem with battlefield's respawn
Build V2.01.011 26/06/2023
  • Fix: Challenge description's translation should now properly update
  • Fix: Many windows did not go in front of the other uppon heing openned
  • Added more mobs spawning in HoE 59
  • Reworked the battlefield's spawn to make players spawn in a random square at their base so they don't get instant spawn killed
  • Added the "Spirit Refining Stone" that allow the player to increase the spirit aptitude
Build V2.01.010 24/06/2023
  • Attemps to reduce lag: Changed the way collisions are handled on the server to gain performances
  • Updated some missing translations
  • Wishing fountain has been capped to 1M gold per reward, and the number of wish per day has been capped to 10 for the moment
Build V2.01.009 24/06/2023
  • Fixed a visual bug with blessing not showing the bonus after reaching all 4 blessing level 5
  • Replaced the daily "Use 500 energy" by "Finish kuroom daily quest 20 times"
  • Added a performance mode to hide skill effects (Configuration -> Graphics -> Render skill's animations)
Build V2.01.008.2 22/06/2023
  • Fix: Battlefield should work as usual
  • Fix: Bash AOE now properly proc for 5 attack
  • Mobs from challenge 45 got a little life nerf
  • Fix: Some translations in chinese prevented players from using the teleport crystal
  • QoL: You can now see on the craft Ui the min / max stats you can get on a gear when refining the stat
Build V2.01.008 21/06/2023
  • Nerf: (Testing) Life Sap can now only proc once every 4 second
  • Fix: Your now properly get the blessing bonus each 5 level when the 4 blessing get passed the level
  • Nerf: Ice element has been nerfed to make the fire element a bit more usefull in PvP
  • You cannot register to an event with multiple accounts anymore
  • Fix: Bash slow effect now properly apply to the target and last more than a second
  • Buff: Warrior will now receive a buff upon using bash. This buff will make the next 5 attack / skill deal AOE damage around the player
Build V2.01.007 20/06/2023
  • Fix: Nerfed mage base MP buffed by the wrong number in the last update
  • Mana burn now can remove 1% of your max mana instead of a fixed value of 10
  • Enhanced Slam now prevent healing from any sources an not only potions
  • Fix: Oppres debuff now last 8 second instead of 5
  • Mobs now have a little ACC / Skill ACC
Build V2.01.006 19/06/2023
  • As there is no auto in game anymore and bot has been banned in the terms of service, the energy bar has been completly removed from the game
  • Fix: war cry range has been greatly increased
  • Fix: When you respawn in battlefield, you get your full mana back
  • Buffed the base MP gained per level
  • You can now see your EXP % when hovering the EXP bar in the character window and on the EXP bar at the top
  • You can now use TAB to target the closest entity
Build V2.01.005 18/06/2023
  • Fix: buffs now are properly removed when a character dies
  • Fix: Buffs that persist on death now are properly removed when your character is dead while it runs out
  • Fire wall now have a slow effect when you are in the fire zone
  • Fix some more net code issue
Build V2.01.004 18/06/2023
  • Fix: The battlefield should not crash anymore
  • Now, only players can get the slow debuff when getting damage while moving and from mobs only
  • Fixed some map's visual bugs
  • Fix: Crafting weapons from level 10 to 30 now properly use red gems instead of blue
  • Fixed a huge net code error leading to big lag on AOE
  • Fix: Whirlwind now properly proc 3 times per second
  • Fix: Some level 29 craft materials B and A where reversed
  • Fix: Meteor drop now properly deals AOE damage
  • Fix: soul gathering's mouse hitbox is properly centered
Build V2.01.003 16/06/2023
  • Reduced the guild members text size to better fit the UI
  • Reworked the net code to optimise the damages sent by the server on most AOE (Should be less laggy on big mob pull)
  • Fix: The configed volume for background music now properly initialise when the game's start
  • Removed / Moved some obstacles from Celebeam Caves floor 1
  • Added temporary popup on the character creation when the server return an error
  • You now cannot create more than 9 character per week
  • Fixed some sound effects with the skills sound effects (making the initial load time of a character a bit faster)
Build V2.01.002 15/06/2023
  • Fix: Token shop now have a proper price decrease when you levelup
  • Fix: The fiery tower's music is now the right track
  • Fixed some map visual bugs
Build V2.01.001 14/06/2023
  • Fixed some more visual bugs on maps
  • Lowered some Token Shop prices
Build V1.04.032 12/06/2023
  • Fixed some visual bugs on maps (such as bridge not appearing)
  • Crit slash now properly increase skill crit chance with the talent "Enhanced crit slash"
  • Reworked the frost breath animation to have less particle and be less laggy
Build V1.04.031 12/06/2023
  • Talent "ATTACK WEAKNESS" now properly shows percent
  • Talent "BLOODY FIGHT" now properly gives the level's percent instead of a fixed 1% per stack
  • Added a lot of skills sound effects
  • Changed the default effects sound volume to be lower than the ambiance
  • Fix: When you change the volume on the config UI, the volume properly updates
  • Reworked the whirlwind: It is now counted has a buff so you can walk / attack while casting it
Build V1.04.030 12/06/2023
  • Added the stat lock to the crafting UI
  • Added the buff icons to darkness and light element
Build V1.04.029 12/06/2023
  • Fix: Rangers's skill "PARALYZE_TRAP" now properly paralyze instead of stunning the target
  • Fix: Ranger's talent skill "OPPRESS" now properly add a debuff the any target that get hit while having the skill active
  • Fix: Ranger's talent skill "OPPRESS" add a 10% DEF reduction to ALL target that get the debuff and not only the first one
  • QoL: Buffs / Debuffs will now have green / red border color to easily see them
  • QoL: Added more missing buff / debuff missing icons
  • Fix: Bloody Fight now properly shows the buff % per level
  • Fix: Holy shot now properly increase holy attack by 100 per stack instead of 5 per stack
  • Fixed some map's visual bugs
Build V1.04.028 11/06/2023
  • Challenge skill now properly paralyze instead of stun
  • Added the valor system
Build V1.04.027 11/06/2023
  • Added a lot of buff icons on skill effect
  • Added bur and temporary craft for level 100 in the event
  • Added the refine of 50 upgrade gem to 60
Build V1.04.026 11/06/2023
  • Reworked the buff icons rendering
  • The magic shield now properly loop and shows more than once
Build V1.04.025 11/06/2023
  • Added level 20 attributes for the warrior "WAR_CRY" skill
  • Added level 20 attributes for the warrior "BLOCK" skill
  • Added level 6 to 20 attributes for the warrior "CRIT_ENHANCE" passive
  • Fixed warrior's passive talent "VETERAN_SCAR" not adding the buff when you loose health
  • Fixed warrior's skill "CRIT SLASH" now properly giving crit acc too
  • Fixed warrior's tallent skill "SWIPE" now can properly be used on ennemies
Build V1.04.024 11/06/2023
  • Fixed mage's talent passive "MAGIC_ENERGY" using heallth instead of mana to compute the holy atk buff
  • Buffed equilibrium's heal to match our HP being much higher than in the previous game
  • Fixed shield wall rendering on client making you unable to open the character window
  • Added level 20 attributes for the warrior "TERMINATE" skill
  • Added level 20 attributes for the mage "SILENCE SURSE" skill
  • Added level 20 attributes for the ranger "HOMING ARROW" skill
  • Added level 20 attributes for the ranger "IMPACT SHOT" skill
Build V1.04.023 11/06/2023
  • Fixed warrior's talent passive "SHIELD_WALL" having no base value
  • Fixed mages's "MAGIC SHIELD" not having a shield value at level 20
Build V1.04.022 11/06/2023
  • Fixed "warrior bruttal passive "Excelent skill" to properly give 20% skill enhc at max and not 2000%
  • Fixed warrior's talent passive "BLOODLUST"
  • Fixed warrior's talent passive "SHIELD_WALL"
  • Fixed warrior's passive "TENACITY" missinge the base health value added at level 20
Build V1.04.021 11/06/2023
  • Reworked the Token Shop costs to lower when your character levelup
  • EVENT: You can go talk to the event manager at cain to get to level 100 and get maxed out to celebrate the end of alpha
Build V1.04.020 06/06/2023
  • Added missing runeset drop from Wizardry lord
  • Battlefield now back to normal timing
  • Fix: You can no longer use different EXP orb at the same time
Build V1.04.019 04/06/2023
  • Battlefields now count toward the daily recommended list objective "Do 2 events"
  • Set battlefield back to 4 times a day
  • If you stay in the battlefield pre enter map, you now properly get ejected out of battlefield at the end
  • Fix: gaia will not send a server wide message when killing many players in a row
  • Fix: The quests tracker now doesn't prevent you from clicking on the ground
  • Fix: When freeze's damages miss, it no longer apply the freeze buff to the target
  • You can no longer have multiple EXP pills active at once
  • Fix: You can now again Polymorph into your spirit
  • Fix: If a spirit egg is missconfigured, it should now show a bunny instead of nothing
  • Nerf: All mobs from the 3rd continent and the 4th continent has received a damage nerf
  • The mobs now won't get a speed and damage buff when you pull many of them
  • You now have a low chance to receive a slow debuff when you receive damage while moving
  • Fix: Guild potion now persist on death
  • Fix: Respawning monsters should no longer still have debuffs / poisons en them
  • Fix: When you leave your spirit form, the base texture of your character now properly shows
  • Fix: Crit slash no properly shows the crit percent and not the added coefficient
  • Nerfed the health of the mobs the Wizardy Lors is spawning
  • Nerfed a bit the global AOE of the wizardry lord
  • Fix: Wizardry lord now can't cast multiple skills at once
  • Fix: the global AOE of wizardry lord is now properly set to 30 second delay instead of 15
  • Fix: You can now properly go in the bottom of the map Twister Manor 4th floor
  • Reworked a little bit the thorny post collisions to make it easier to go to the portal to doomed woods
  • Fix: You can now properly interupt the craft, upgrade or reroll of gears
  • Fix: The mouse hitbox from on ground drops is now properly placed on the item
  • Fix: Storm Array runeset now properly shows armor as required part for the bonus
  • Fix: Chat should now properly scroll down when you receive a whisper and your chat was already scrolled down
  • QoL: When you click on the game (On a mob / player / to move) the chat is now automatically unfocused
  • Fix: there should be no delay between when you press enter and when the chat input is getting focused
  • Fix: You can now properly type text into the delete character input
  • Fix: you no longer can drag the image behind the world map
  • Replaced the slime kingdom portal by the guild agent so you can choose in which continent to go back to
  • Fix: Daily guild shop should now properly reset
  • Fix: Divine Guidance passive now properly give 5% of skill acc and enhc dmg instead of 50%
  • The maximum crit rate is now 60%
  • The stats CRIT ACC / SKILL CRIT ACC / CRIT EVA / SKILL CRIT EVA are now more powerfull
  • Added Angel and Devis wings
Build V1.04.018 29/05/2023
  • You now can chose what damages to render in game (By default, only critics and from yourself)
  • Fix: Canceling the cast of awaken doesn't count it as casted anymore
  • Exchanged the red and blue celebeam for the gear crafting
  • Added placeholders for the Gems that goes on gears
  • Removed all the temporary items from the gold shop
  • Added the token shop (Some items are still missing in it)
  • Removed the quest "Hunting: Cannibal Huha" from the dailies 50 pull
  • The poison DOT from the skill "Multi Arrow" now required the players to be level 60
  • Guild members are now sorted by grade then name
  • Changed the way the UI refresh is handled to reduce CPU usage
  • Fix: reversed the 2 dailie's requirement for "Mud Beast" and "Lizardman"
  • Fix: lvl 0 gears D upgrade now only gives 2 of theire respictive stats instead of 4
  • The close button on all UI is now a bit bigger
  • Fix: Donating / upgrading the guild will now properly refresh on all guild members
  • Reworked the DOT system so the last tick of damages is now properly applied
Build V1.04.017 21/05/2023
  • You now have a limit on the number of lines that can be in the log windows (can be changed in the configs)
  • Fix: the check gear now properly show player's items info and can be moved
  • Fix: When you leave a group, it properly refreshed and delete the interface
Build V1.04.016 21/05/2023
  • Fix: Some celebeam caves obstacles have been removed / moved
  • Fix: The spanw of the mobs in the Celebeam Hall of Elite has been reworked
  • Removed the life / mana sources from the levelup chest as they won't be of any use now
  • Added the guild shop
  • Any on ground effect (Fire wall, traps, ...) will now only work only if the player is in the same map
  • You should not be able to damage players from your own team anymore in a battlefield
  • You should now properly get ejected out of a battlefield at the end
  • You should now properly get ejected out of abyss at the end
Build V1.04.015 17/05/2023
  • Fixed a lot of visual glitches on the maps of the first and second continent
  • Fix: Picking up an item by clicking on it will now properly visually remove it from the map
  • Fix: The social window kept popping up even after being closed
  • Fix: When completing the quest "Pirates from a Foreign Land (5)" your soul gathering now refreshes correctly
  • Optimized the quests that requires drops who would spam refresh when picking up items
  • Fix: You can no longer use Gold Touch on the boss in instance 45
  • Fix: You can now again use runes on items when the items are in your bag
  • Fix: Some herbs for a quest where misplaced in oracle lake
  • Fix: you can now use the skill PRAY on allies
  • Fix: You can now use the skill DEVASTATE on enemies
  • Fix: quick reload now properly gives 3% instead of 2% atk speed
  • Fix: The skill WAR_STOMP now properly stun and damages the enemies
  • Fix: you no longer see the expel button in the guild member list on the leader line
  • QoL: If you press enter while the chat is focused with no text in it, the chat will now loose the focus
  • QoL: If you right click on the world map while looking at a continent, you go back to the main world map
  • Fix: you no longer get instant completed quests that only requires the player to levelup
  • Fix: Enhanced surge now show the proper added value on the skill
  • Fix: equilibrium now properly heal and deals damages to it's respective targets
  • You now see the gold cost to transfer the levels from an item to another
  • Buffed a little big the stat the weapons gives when being upgraded with upgrade gems for gears above level 30
  • Nerfed a bit the damages of elites 40
Build V1.04.014 12/05/2023
  • Fix: Whirlwind should not stop when moving anymore
  • Whirlwind and Song of Goddess should now properly be on cooldown when interupted before the end of the casting time
  • Mod Stats minimum value is now always 1
  • Mod Stats maximum value has been buffed
  • Some mobs 60+ has been changed to fight from distance
  • Added the first non finished version of the logs (press "l")
Build V1.04.013 09/05/2023
  • Fix: Exp pill X5 and X10 now have a proper buff icon
  • Reworked the skill "Multi Arrow" to be arrows falling from the sky, dealing damage over time in a zone for 3 seconds. See new skill description.
  • Fixed some map visual bugs
  • Fix: Daily activity chest are now openable
  • Fix: While no level 60 daily quest is available, you still get level 50 dailies
Build V1.04.012 08/05/2023
  • Fix: Necklace above lvl 60 now properly give ATK
  • Fix: EXP Orbs x5 and x10 had no icons
  • Fix: Bruce's map indication in the 3rd continent main questline is now at the Fungi Sanctuary
  • Starry town Hall of Elite Deep now only has 1 line
  • Siren City is now in peacefull only mode
  • The engine is now capped at 60 FPS to prevent animations playing too fast on high end PC
  • Fix: Mystical sea mobs are not agressive anymore
  • Fix: You don't see glitched portals after a disconnection without refreshing
  • Reworked most of the 4th continent portal's positions
  • Fix: The level 60 weapons are now properly animated
Build V1.04.011 08/05/2023
  • Fixed a bug with a quest in the "Mutated Forest" questline
  • Fixed the crafting upgrade to D no being properly added
  • Fixed Silencing Blade crashing he game
  • Whirlwind should now properly have 3 tick of damage per second
  • Fixed the [Octo-Invoker] Abatton not being spawned properly as a chief elite
  • Fixed the enhanced frost breath slowing down the player and not the target
Build V1.04.010 07/05/2023
  • 4th continent is now unlock (Under a hidden condition)
  • Level max is now 69 (After hidden condition is met)
  • Test: A special event is required to be completed to unlock the next continent (Required only once per server for everyone)
  • Gear upgrade now cost a bit more gold
  • Fixed armor upgrade being at 100 gold for all upgrades
  • Crafted gears now sell for a bit less gold
  • Kuroom quest is the only available quest of the new continent at the moment
  • Fix: the skill icon doesn't go under the UI anymore
Build V1.04.009 11/04/2023
  • Fix: You no longer are locked out of your characters when you logged out polymorphed
  • Added the full main questline of the 3rd continent
  • Fix: The game no longer crashes after loosing connection with the server
  • Fix: Many maps visual bug fixes
  • Fix: Elements should now show properly on weapons
  • Animation: Added the element animations on weapons level 10
  • Animation: Added the lightning and darkness element animations on weapons level 20
  • Fix: When you drag and drop an item, it should no longer under the action bar
  • Fix: You can again add items into the action bar
Build V1.04.008 24/03/2023
  • Added Seiya / Athena and Golden Pegasus / Pandora haircuts
  • Little bugfix on some animations that made the game crash
Build V1.04.007 19/03/2023
  • You now can enter lava core only when you are level 40
  • Fixed a big issue with the asset loading / rendering with map interactibles
  • Added the first version of Battlefield
  • Fix: Some entities where not being clickable (like the wishing Fountain)
  • Fix: The item tooltip on bonus reward with percentage reward now properly show a percent and not a floating point number (ex: +1% instead of +0.1)
  • The old engine is now deactivated and will be completely removed soon
Build V1.04.005 15/01/2023
  • New engine: The whole game has been migrated to a new better engine (faster with no visual artefacts) (Still in test phase accessible with a different link)
  • Added a few new main quests
  • Fix: In the Instance 40, the NPC you are supposed to save is not killed by mobs anymore
  • New engine: The click hitbox for NPCs now stick better the the actual frames of the NPC
  • Christmas theme is now over
Build V1.03.087 07/12/2022
  • Added Christmas theme
  • Greatly optimised NPCs generation at server start
  • Fixed the abyss 10 spawn position
  • Fixed Abyss ranking columns name
Build V1.03.086 16/11/2022
  • Fixed the consign search fields for the item name and the consignor name
  • Fixed the consign search crashing the consign when no result where found
  • Entering abyss now count toward the daily recommended count
  • Added new main quests
  • Fixed some visual bug
  • You can now delete a character
  • Added Golden Pegasus / Pandora costumes
Build V1.03.081 06/11/2022
  • Fixed a memory leak with the instance system
  • Fixed an instance bug that could lead to a server crash
  • Added the title system
  • Added the abyss system (only first 5 floors are added, boss has no skills yet)
Build V1.03.068 22/10/2022
  • Fix: Blocked player cannot whisper you anymore
  • When you get killed in PvP by a player not in your friend list, he goes in your foe list
  • The button in the far bottom now opens properly the social UI
  • Clicking on a player line in the social UI now open the interaction menu
  • Clicking on anywhere on the window when the player interaction menu is opened now properly close it
  • Fix: When you block a player, it removes them from your friend list
  • Fix: When a player is offline, you know see him greyed out in the social UI
  • Nerf mobs ATK from the start of the second continent to the end of the third
  • Added Goku / Chun Li hairstyle
Build V1.03.065 17/10/2022
  • You can once again refine upgrade gems
  • Added the first version of the social menu
  • Fixed some visual bugs
  • Fixed officer no being able to invite other players in their guild
  • Fixed Vice Leader being able to expel another vice leader or guild leader
  • Fixed the whisper system not working for months
  • Username / guild names should no longer appear under objects
Build V1.03.062 14/10/2022
  • Fix: Whirlwind now properly deals 3 hit by second and no a single hit every 3 second
  • Fix(again): You cannot charge a skill to 9 stack, then recast it to get a free cooldown anymore
  • First version of the crafting input (doesn't take max craft capacity / bag space yet)
  • Fix: auto roll back of Bur's Blessing when you upgrade them more than their cap level
  • Fix: you can no longer use the console to upgrade Bur's blessing forever even when maxed out
  • Fix: The quest "Crisis in Cave (1)" now boost your chances of getting a zombie head
  • Life and Mana source are temporarily deactivated to test out no passive health regen and passive constant mana regen
  • If you click on an interactible (Flowers, lava Core ect) and are not in range, you now move where you clicked
  • Alpha: Added all dragon wings to the gold shop
  • Alpha: Added the first Moonlight Butterfly to the gold shop
  • Fix: Buffs should no longer reset their timer when you logout
  • Added the wishing fountain
  • Fix: Instance 40 mobs now have more health
  • Lava core now can't respawn while guardians are alive
  • Lava core now can't be taken while guardians are alive
  • There is now a 3% gold tax on the consign when an item is bought
  • Fix: You now see the member count on the guild UI
  • You can now kick a player out of your guild
  • Guild creation cost has been set back to it's original price / level requirement
  • Added translation to most guild interactions (new member joining, leaving, ect)
  • Wizardry lord now heal 10% of his max HP every time he kill a player
  • Wizardry lord now reduce his enrage timer by 30 seconds every time he kill a player
  • Changed the way the 3 account limitation works to prevent some players being stuck on the loading screen for 20 seconds sometimes
  • Reworked the DEF calculation (It has no cap anymore)
  • Added instance 45
  • Daily zeal chest now get directly into your bag. If you are full you get them by mail
  • Finally deleted all DEF stats from all 1st continent map as the DEF got reworked
  • Increased the base speed of all mobs
  • Added the Wizard hat in the gold shop
  • In the gold shop, when an item is stackable, you can now buy multiple at once
  • Changed to Halloween theme
  • You can now get normal daily quests at level 10
  • Reworked the overall attack power of mobs from the entire game to go with the DEF rework
Build V1.03.041 15/09/2022
  • Fix: you now see the item tooltip on your own items list in the condign
  • Fix: when you polymorphed, the guild name was hidding
  • Fix: Transform and Silence now properly works on your target
  • Fix: Game background music most times would not start properly
  • Nerf: Heal nerfed as enhc dmg has been changed
  • Wizardy Lord: After 10 minutes, he now become enraged and deals 10 times more damages
  • Wizardy Lord: Under 50%, every player in the room start getting flat damages equaly ditributed (boosted by the damage bonus the boss have)
  • Added chest 50 content
  • Changed the way the character animation is handled to try and prevent some visual glitch
  • Fix: On the transfert UI, the result item now show the right item grade
  • Added the Lava Core event (not Meditation)
  • Fix: Game crashed when player login while polymorphed with no spirit in the costume slot
Build V1.03.032 10/09/2022
  • Fix: Dmg RD wasn't working properly
  • Fix: you cannot get quest reward while the quest is done but you don't have the required level
  • Fix: Luck started at +100% instead of +0%
  • Fix: Items base (non upgraded) bonus was not used in the damage calculation
  • Fix: If you somehow manage to move while sitting, you now get back up automatically
  • Fix attempt: Some elite and elite chief have higher / lower HP than they should
  • Fix: Hall of elite deep uncharted forst now only have 1 line
  • Fix: Whirlwind duration being too high and range being too low
  • Added continent 3 music
  • Added Suffer Subterranean Coliseum
  • Added more mobs in Uncharted Forst 5
  • Elemental heal now mathed out properly with the darkness crit bonus
  • Fix: Items and skill dragging wouldn't go all the way down the screen (visually)
  • Fix: Greater Instant Magic Flask now properly regen mana
  • Fix: when you transform into your spirit, it shows the one in your costume slot if you have one
  • You know see your exp when you hover your exp bar
  • Added the Sacred unicorn uncharted forest boss (30 min respawn)
  • You now get less EXP from killing too low level mobs
Build V1.03.027 04/09/2022
  • Judge of death spirit egg now hatch the right spirit
  • Fixed base ATK / DEF of WB spirit Wizardry lord being too high
  • Weapon Mastery now does proper additional damages
  • Fix: IMPACT SHOT paralize time corrected to 3 second
  • Fix: HOMING ARROW Now shoot 8 projectiles
  • Some instance reward are now bound until a decent solution is found against abuse
  • Fix: you can now stack item in the stash
  • Added instance 40 (boss has no skills yet)
  • Fix: gold and item revive not working
  • Fix: first gold revive cost no gold after a server crash
  • Instance 30 now can drop all rune sets 30
  • You can now globally hide all wings / mount in options
  • Gem refining is temporarily disabled as it could be used to unbind gems
  • Fix: Sometimes you could get only 9 daily quest
Build V1.03.021 29/08/2022
  • Fixed a bug where firewall damages check followed the player when changing line
  • Mobs in the 3rd continent should now give the right amount of EXP
  • Uncharted portal to Hall of Elite deep should now work (unicorn boss not ready still)
  • Mutant jungle south part should now be accessible
  • Removed a almost hidden Thorn blocking part of the path in Thorny Post's east
  • Fixed some NPCs / mobs spawn
  • You are not polymorphed anymore on the login screen
  • HoE Chief elite 50+ now drop the correct C and B crafting mats
  • Reduced HoE's mobs range
  • Quest "Hunting: Marsh Maiden" now requires only 1 kill
  • Level 20 B and A Mats are no more inverted when upgrading gears
  • Fix: some chief elites spirits had wrong icons
  • Added daily activity chest content
  • Fix: the tooltip of an item was not showing up in the transfer UI
  • Fix: the gear transfer system is now working
  • Fix: You can now stack items together
  • Fix: Dailies 50+ now have proper names
  • Fix: rewrote the instant health and mana potion to work better
  • Fix: Element cap was 1 level too high on upgrade
  • Fix: Poison trap doesn't crash the player anymore
Build V1.03.017 28/08/2022
  • Wizardry lord now deals ranged attacks
  • Wizardry lord ads now buff the boss a little more
  • Skills descriptions now always show
  • Added surge (with no animation yet)
  • Fixed the WAR CRY debuff not properly lowering the DMG RD
  • You can't reset element and talents while in combat anymore
  • You can now transform into your spirit
  • When you interupt a cast skill after the first stack, it doesn't get casted back again while still on cooldown
  • Fixed Wild Roar not buffing group members
  • You now cannot reset your talents while a talent active skill is still on cooldown
  • Added almost all missing talents / skills (Most of them still need animations)
  • Rearanged world maps's icons to prevent them from moving depending on the locale
  • Triple shot now properly fires 3 arrows
  • You can now see buffs on your target
  • While the first instance's quest reward is glitched, floating rock can be buyed in the gold shop
  • Added the 3rd continent (no main quest yet)
  • Made the Skills window a bit bigger to fit some langs
  • From level 7 and above, blessing upgrade cost will progressively increase
Build V1.02.272 07/08/2022
  • Fixed an UI bug on the upgrade that didn't allow you to properly upgrade your gear with bound gems
  • Wizardry lord's Ads are now a little bit faster
  • Wizardry lord's Ads have now less health
  • Wizardry lord's Ads now buff the boss (with no cap), the more Ads are alive, the higher the WB will do damages, and the longer the freezes will last
  • You now cannot join an instance higher than your level if the group leader created the lobby
  • Sitting animation should now work properly
  • Weapon placement should now change correctly depending on the way the character is facing
  • Added all the last main quest of the continent
  • Fixed running shot not debuffing the target but the player
  • If you get ejected out of an instance without picking rewards, they automatically get selected so you don't loose them anymore (unless full yet)
  • High level hairstyle will have no level requirement during alpha (including Luffy/Hatsune already added)
Build V1.02.266 24/07/2022
  • You now have to wait 30 second between gold/item revive (You can't spam revive)
  • Added Luffy/Hatsune hairstyle
  • You can now choose to use not bound gems only to fortify
  • Using bound gems will now bind the upgraded gear
  • UI now can't get out of the screen if you resize your browser
  • Added a little script protection
  • Added screen auto center on the character creation and selection screens
  • Reworded the character selection and creation UI to be 1920x1080
  • Added the first WB -> Wizardry Lord
  • You can now properly teleport to muradin kindom via the world map
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes, mobs could hit other mobs
Build V1.02.249 09/06/2022
  • Ripost Burst now can't miss
  • Consign is now sorted newest to oldest
  • Fixed the respawn timer on death chain not reseting properly after 5 minutes
  • Local chat tooltip now goes under the other UI and isn't interactible anymore
  • Fire wall now can't miss
  • Optimised synching of NPCs/players when entering in a map or login in
  • Reduced by 1K the ATK of Leo
  • Added Leo 2 skills (close and distance AOE) which hit far more than his basic attack
  • Dragon Wings animations +30 added
  • Added some new main quests
Build V1.02.242 26/05/2022
  • Firecord have slightly higher drop rate on elites
  • Buffed the Max MP of the ranger and the warrior a little bit
  • Fixed a bug with attack speed not properly working
  • Added the correct duration for the base attack cooldown
  • Changed the way mobs regen their HP
  • When in combat, the timeout to change back in forth between maps is now higher
  • You can't join a special map while in combat anymore
  • Gears from level 30 and above now have bonus fortify stats at +5, +10, and +20 for lvl 40+ gear
  • Reduced the max HP of mobs from Burning altar to Fiery Tower
  • Transferring a fortify modifier to a new gear is now available and cost gold (depending on how much you transfer and the level difference)
  • Added a bit more Byron Warrior Spirit in Burning Altar
  • Wings 20+ are now working :happya:
Build V1.02.234 15/05/2022
  • You can't put a spirit in consign with books on it anymore
  • Added the items bonus stats (when you upgrade an item to 10, 20 ect
  • The ranger's talent survavibility now properly stuns the target and not the player :mockinga:
  • Fixed a bug where talents that reduce cooldown of skills would not work
  • The EXP gained from mobs while in group is now reduce according to the number of player than get the exp reward
  • Big optimisation of the gold shop opening
  • Changed the split input to prevent the browsers doing weird stuff with the number inside
  • You can now level up wings (level 20+ has no animations yet)
  • You can no longer use teleport stones to go on continent too high for your level
  • Reworked the net code to prevent player from spamming certain systems
  • Elements are now capped depending on the player level (your element get rolled back to the cap)
  • Animations: Attempt to change the animation of the attack / walking according to the player SPD / ATK_SPD
  • The defence can now only block 80% of incoming damages (on both players and mobs)
  • The following talents now trigger the element damages only once when stacked: Bleeding Pierce, Venom Essence
  • Critical strike now works properly
  • Added background music for whole continent 2
  • The "Precision" skill on the rangers now properly increase their base attack range
  • Added the missing mount (Carpet, Phoenix and Cloud)
Build V1.02.227 07/05/2022
  • Added the missing Enhanced Damage on the Floating Rock
  • Added the missing increase of stats when leveling the Floating Rock
  • Added all the game's mount in the gold shop (Free during alpha for testing)
  • Added an auto save of the daily login reward timer when the game crashes / reboot
  • Upgrading the mount / wings will change the item's rarity
  • Fixed CRACK SHOT and HASTE not giving the right buff
Build V1.02.225 06/05/2022
  • Added the "current to next" level indication on the fortify window to know what level the current gear is
  • You can now upgrade your mount
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Thunder domination now properly add a debuf to the target
  • Overdrive no longer glitch your character
  • Life sap's damage is now capped to the max health of the player
  • Fixed the mount getting on top of the player
Build V1.02.222 04/05/2022
  • Fixed a bug where picking an item on ground would freeze the game
  • Optimised the game pickup system
  • Reduced the aggro distance
  • Various little optimisations
  • Temporary change -> Boss 40 is now ranged
Build V1.02.217 01/05/2022
  • You now see the final Bonus % on the stats tooltip on the character window
  • You can now select/unselect all mail of a tab
  • You can now take all you mails content at once
  • Deleted consign mail now get sent back to their sender
  • Fixed a glitch deleting items from consign on server startup + added backup system
  • Changed (once again) the defence calculation in damages to make it less useless to upgrade
  • Elemental damages shouldn't be floating values anymore
  • Light element doesn't heal you anymore when you are dead
  • Added all 5th line missing talents (except Eliminate)
  • You can now use the world map to teleport into main maps
  • In the ranking list, you now see your name in bold
  • Pulling too much mobs give them a motivation buff, making them faster and stronger
  • Added the elite deep monsters and boss (boss with no skill yet)
  • Added missing celebeam root drop from mobs in the fiery tower
  • Spirit with books no longer show up in the absorb window
  • In the absorb UI, the checkboxes now stay checked properly when you reopen it
  • When you receive damage and have no target, you automatically target your opponent
  • Mobs from sultan ruins to the end of fiery tower now drops level 45 skill book
  • When casting Air Slash, if you are already close to the target, your character doesn't move anymore
  • Attempts to reduce the number of glitched players that keep appearing on the maps over time
  • In the daily quest list, you now have a number representing the quest reward power (from 10 to 60)
Build V1.02.208 13/04/2022
  • You can no longer use floating point value in consign (and all current ones auto rounded)
  • Added the missing "Hunting: baby dragon" daily quest
  • Replacing the "Eagle Eye" ranger passive by "Evasion Skills"
  • Kuroom in the Fiery tower has been moved to the Fiery Tower Gates
  • Some mobs can now use skills (Challenge mobs for exemple)
  • Leveling the spirit soul level is now 4 times more rewarding (in term of bonuses)
  • The chest level 40 can now be opened
  • When you are in group, the elite count kill now works properly
Build V1.02.202 07/04/2022
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes, sitting would prevent other players from using their auto attack
  • Reworked the mobs mouse hitboxes for all level 40 maps
  • Fixed some talents crashing the server
  • Added an automatic entity particle cleanup (to clear try to clear most of the leftover animations)
  • Fixed some mob animations
Build V1.02.196 03/04/2022
  • You now see a cursor on top of an NPC that have an available quest
  • Sitting, casting or moving will now cancel an interaction with an object
  • Change the bottom right button to textless button with tooltip on hover
  • Fixed DPS Value wrongly rendered
  • Enhanced a little bit the sorting function
  • Reduced the mobs required to complete dailies lvl 30
  • Added world map player cursor
  • Added maps 40s until elite hall (not deep)
  • Added dailies 40
  • Increased max level to 49
  • Fixed the selected element not synching with players in the same map
  • You can no longer craft an item without the required crafting level
  • You now have a popup before reviving with gold that tell you how much it will cost before reviving
  • Fixed a bug where the btn to invite player in the instance window would only show up when you clicked on resfresh
  • Repeatable quests now show in the daily category in the quest list window
  • You can now reaply some buffs even if they are not over (like blessing)
  • Fixed the Daily Reward stars not having the proper color
  • => Known Bug
  • Eyetail manticore animation isn't working properly yet
  • Sand Minion walk animation will be fixed in the next update
Build V1.02.181 11/03/2022
  • You can now get double reward for some quests
  • The daily login objective is now automatically checked when the daily reset occurs while you're logged in
  • Fixed group and guild invite
  • Fixed element synchronisation between client and server
  • You can't expel someone out of his group when you are the leader of your own group anymore :mockinga:
  • You can now instantly finish normal and bur dailies
  • You can now invite player to you group via the instant UI when they are in the same map as you are
  • Replaced the Auto button with a new little DPS Meter
Build V1.02.176 05/03/2022
  • Fixed the tooltip on interactible being too long
  • Fixed the character that couldn't walk
Build V1.02.175 05/03/2022
  • Fixed multiple item synching problem with other players (runes, costumes and gear not showing without refreshing)
  • Chief elites in Byron floor 3, floor 5 and East Post are no longer agressive
  • Remade the local chat tooltip to allow special characters and emotes
  • Fixed a synching bug where changing the selected element or upgrading the element would not properly change it's look
  • You can now properly go to other pages in the consign
  • When you join a guild, you now properly see your guildmate's name change to blue
  • Vice leader will now preperly see the "guild invite" option
  • You should no longer see unrelevent options in the player menu (right click on the name and health of your target)
  • Fixed a bug where SPD percent attribute would not properly adds up
  • You now get the instance reward only when you are in the instance
  • Fixed the tooltip of the minimap buttons jumping around
  • Changed challenge mob's mouse hitbox to summon
  • When you change map, the local chat ooltip get's deleted
  • Fixed the war cry tooltip dmg rd bonus being wrongly rendered
  • The selling item function has be remade and should properly work even if you change bag page
Build V1.02.159 15/02/2022
  • See you in Cain Kingdom
Build V1.02.157 15/02/2022
  • Fixed a bug where the temporary rune UI on item slots would not show on character window
  • Fixed a bug where the instance exit button would not refresh properly
Build V1.02.154 13/02/2022
  • Fixed a bug where challenge UI would not refresh correctly
  • Elemental damages doesn't proc on missed attacks
  • Elemental heal now occurs only when you do an elemental crit (but at 100% chance)
  • Changed a tooltip that showed wrong bonus on level 10 step bonus on light and darkness
  • Added the rune system
  • Added temporary UI on item slots when an item has a rune
  • Added the gear rankings
  • Ranger and Mage challenge's mobs now hit from distance
  • Fixed a bug where one shoting a challenge mob or dealing the last hit only would progress the quest
  • Changed the test dummie's location from Slime plain to Road of Triumph
Build V1.02.149 06/02/2022
  • Fixed the consign item list going outside of it's window
  • The bag icon should now refresh properly (full / normal icon bottom right)
  • Fixed a bug where the stash's second page would not update properly when getting sorted
  • In the consign, you now see the item tooltip when you hover an item
  • Item upgraded stats has been reword a little bit
  • Temporary change to Air Slash, it now teleport you to your target (instead of jumping on it)
  • Skills can now upgrade higher than level 3 (when level requirement is meet)
  • Fixed a bug where items could sometimes be deleted when stacking them
  • Runeset are not a card reward but rather an instance mob drop
  • Changed once again de defence calculation
  • Changed the health tooltip to show more health numbers
  • Added the instance "Pirate Camp" (lvl 30)
  • Casting skill now get 5% damage buff for each stack
  • Added the element system
  • Added the first challenge
  • Added the first wings (in reward of the challenge initial quest)
  • When interacting with an NPC, you can press "f" to interact with it (when multiple choices, take the first one)
  • Fixed the world map not loading properly when opened in a special map (instance, molten core ...)
  • Added handling percent bonuses on items
  • Searching in consign is now case insensitive
  • Added a bound icon on items (Testing it out, will probably change)
Build V1.02.119 19/01/2022
  • Pressing escape will now close the NPC interaction windows when oppened
  • Reworking the "auto log back in" system that would sometimes lead to some bugs
  • On login screen, the screen should now be back at it's normal position
  • Chat size should not break with too long words anymore
  • You should now properly get ejected out of the instance and not glitched out of it
  • Chat should now work properly when you click on the chat input
  • Optimised the items data transfert between client and server
  • The EXP % a spirit get when you get EXP is now a higher (On mobs and Soul gathering only)
  • You should see way less character stuck in maps after they logged out
  • You can now disband a guild
  • You now see the server time next to the client version
  • Added the first continent "God's creation" items drops
  • Added some of the second continent "God's creation" items drops
  • Added missing spirit egg drops on first maps elite mobs
  • Added the mobs on the Burning Altar maps
  • Added the daily login time reward (3 times, will be reseted with the daily reset each day for everyone, all rewards are subject to changes)
  • Mobs in Byron City now drop Celebeam Root instead or Honey
  • Fixed a bug when stacking items that would leave glitched empty items
Build V1.02.097 05/01/2022
  • Added a new spawn system to prevent mobs being stuck into walls (only next maps and continent 2 maps will be affected right now)
  • Added some quests
  • Complete rework of the defence and damage calculation (will need testing)
  • Christmas theme maps is now over
  • If you leave your group while in instance, you now get properly ejected out of the instance
  • You can no longer join an instance if you don't have the requirement
  • When the first player join an instance, all the other players get prompted to join
Build V1.02.096 02/01/2022
  • Attempt to reduce Visual artefacts (like elite circle stying on ground)
  • Mobs: Step of stats between normal, elite and chief are now shorter to make balancing a bit more easy
  • Adding the first version of the skill area under the mouse when an "click on ground" skill is selected
  • When an entity is stuck in a wall too far from his spawn location, he now get respawned indide his spawn
  • Souls of soul gathering now depleat faster
  • Many little bug fixes
  • Item with missing stats should now automatically recreate new ones
  • (New mob spawn system on the next update)
Build V1.02.094 30/12/2021
  • Fixed a bug where absorbing a chief spirit already upgraded didn't give the right amount of souls
  • Fire wall now correctly get exp when you use it
  • Fixed the stash sort button refreshing the stash as if it was empty
  • Fixed the portals in instances not properly refreshing
  • Secondary skill bar now will stay openned or closed after refreshing
  • Fire wall is now properly synched with the server
  • Mails validity now goes down to 3 days when you take their content
  • Bound items will stack automatically again
  • You can now scroll through the tracked quest list
  • Fixed a major issue with splited stack
  • World map now opens on the current continent
  • Added continent 2 world map
  • Buffed mage's heal as players health is way higher than it was in the origial (from screens, level 70
  • 79 had around 30K/40K HP)
  • Nerfed "Enhanced Fire Bolt" mage talent
  • Nerfed "Enhanced Magic Bolt" mage talent
  • Nerfed "Enhanced Slam" warrior talent
  • Nerfed "Enhanced Triple Shot" ranger talent
  • Nerfed all continent 2 mob's defence
  • Upgrading item can no longer have the same bonus twice(on newly upgraded gears)
  • Potions now have higher regen values (above level 10 potions)
Build V1.02.088 28/12/2021
  • You now see "miss" when an attack or a mob misses
  • Fixed the damages showing on the left of the entity they should be on
  • Fixed the chief 30 dropping a Byron Mummy instead of a Pharao spirit egg
  • Fixed some mail error issues and UI Bugs
  • Atempt to fix the massive amount of elite circle / visual effect that stay on screen even after being destroyed
  • Fixed you new recieve properly gold from mail attachement on normal mails
  • Reworked the Byron Hall of elite Deep spawns
  • Fixed the Byron Palace portal and entry point
  • Buy and sell price are now not always the same
  • Items from the levelup chest now give bound item, the high value items are now worth 1 gold when comming from the chest
  • Added the "Vend" button (for both bag and stash)
  • Added the "Split" button (for both bag and stash)
  • Upgarde cristal 30 reward for the 20 instance can now drop from 1 to 5 at once
  • Merlin's egg no longer drop in instance 20 reward
  • Greatly increased the stash size
Build V1.02.087 27/12/2021
  • The required amount of souls to upgrade rare / epic spirits is now working properly
  • You can now target a dead player
  • Right click now cancel the selected skill (cast waiting for a taget to click on)
  • You can now unselect an item from the crafting UI or the mail UI by right clicking on them
  • Added the mail system (both send and consign)
  • Fixed a visual bug in the daily quest in some locale
  • Tweaked drop rate of Elite and Chief 30
  • Added Byron City's Floor from 2 to 5
  • Fixed kuroom's mouse hitbox
  • Gold touch now take take into account the mob level and status (elite, chief)
Build V1.02.084 27/12/2021
  • Skill Global Cooldown doesn't apply to basic attack anymore
  • With an upgraded soul gathering skill, you now can pickup already selected souls by pressing spacebar
  • Fixed a bug where you didn't recieved dailies After reaching a new step of level (20, 30, 40, ect)
  • Reduced elite hall's mobs defence
  • Fixed guild chat
Build V1.02.083 26/12/2021
  • The lvl 20 crafts now requires the right items to be upgraded
  • The lvl 20 craft now requires no items to be created
  • Brown bat skin fixed
  • All skill now have a short global cooldown, preventing spaming skills
  • Building Bravery should now add the buff to the right target
  • Mob's health regen fixed
  • Graphical gliches from the new maps fixed
Build V1.02.078 24/12/2021
  • Fixed the weapons not showing the right ATK values for item between level 10 and 70
  • You can now still drop a stackable item when your bag is full
  • The venom essence doesn't max stack instantly anymore
  • Skills that do not deal damages such as Heal can now be casted in a PK Free zone
  • Readjusted level 20 and 30 craft EXP
  • Player can now obtain the upgraded soul gathering when completing one of the main quests
  • Added maps and mobs from Desert Oasis to Byron City hall of Elite And Muradin Fair
  • You can now Teleport between cities by interacting with the teleport crystal of each city (when you have the required level)
  • Changed mobs behavior (aggro following and passive walking scheme)
  • Fixed the Crafting UI's Exp bar not showing
  • Fixed Mob "in range" check
  • "All" map interactible now have a tooltip when you hover them
  • Max level is now 39
  • The level ranking should now correctly take into account the date and hours the player leveled up (from forst to last) when the levels are equal
  • Sacrifice talent now properly target ennemies
  • Deadly guardian doesn't give EXP anymore
  • Added all the normal and BUR dailies level 30
  • Added the skill 35 book to drop (Only fire wall working right now)
Build V1.02.069 21/12/2021
  • Added all the remaining main quest of the first continent
  • Fixed the gender line on item tooltip always being red
  • Fixed the quest reward choice not working properly
  • Added the fortify UI first (incomplete) version and the quest that goes along with it
  • Added the second continent 2 first maps
  • Max level increased to 31 (next updated should increase to 39)
  • Level ranking should now take into account the exact date the character leveled up
  • Added Athena and Seiya costumes
  • Added level 30 weapons craft and upgrade D and C
Build V1.02.065 19/12/2021
  • Added ninja costume
  • Fixed round mushroom's drop
  • Added a few quests
Build V1.02.063 17/12/2021
  • Added the Bur Blessing system
  • Added 10+ more main quests
  • Added the Blessing Daily quests (Samhan NPC)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't pickup item with spacebar when you had a full stack of a limited item
  • Fixed the last daily instance of the day that wouldn't open the card reward game
  • You can now spawn only 1 Deadly Guardian by Line at the same time :mockinga:
Build V1.02.058 10/12/2021
  • Added a new costume
  • Adder ranger's lvl 30 skill
  • Added snowing effect
Build V1.02.055 06/12/2021
  • Instant potions are now working and doesn't crash the server anymore
  • Temporary gold shop UI changes to prevent text overflow in some locales
  • Fixed the warrior lvl 30 skill animation and aggro range
  • Added new costumes
  • Fixed gold touch use range for warrior
  • Mana regen when sitting is now faster
  • Added more mobs in Harbor Plain and Sacred Wilderness
  • Added stats descriptions in the character window
  • Added christmas hats
  • Added christmas theme maps
Build V1.02.050 24/11/2021
  • Spacebar pickup now gather all items near you at once
  • Fixed the instance count not refreshing and breaking the gold touch skill
  • You character now only regen when sitting (if he didn't get hit for at least 2 seconds)
  • Added the 2 new wedding costumes
  • Fixed the chat channel not showing the right locale when a line was added to the chat
  • The gold shop buy button now show in the right locale
  • Fixed multiple visual bug in the stash
  • You now gain the 2nd stash page at lvl 30 and the 3rd at level 60
  • Added the drop of the 6th skill book on the current last available map (on Chocolate Slime and Redback Beatle)
  • Repeatable quest should now reset with the daily reset
Build V1.02.040 15/11/2021
  • Added the first repeatable quest at Kuroom after completing the first main story quest (20 times per day)
  • When upgrading skills, the max button now only take as much as the player can afford
  • The instance reward count now synchs when you complete an instance
  • Added 2 new costumes
Build V1.02.034 09/11/2021
  • Added filters on the crafts list
  • Fixed the items stats only taking the last random stat in the character stats
  • Gender and Classe restriction on items tooltips now show in red when requirement is not met
  • Fixed an error not showing the right message in chat when joining an instance
  • Fixed a bug where disbanding a group would not update the game
  • Fixed the costume synching problem (When someone join the map / login but you don't see his costume / hairstyle)
  • Fixed the aggro of mobs that kept switching between attacking players
  • Changed the craft recipies so that ATK items uses blue celebeam and DEF items uses red celebeam
  • Added "Bruce Lee" and "Bikini" outfit
  • Added 3 new quests
  • Added a very low chance of mobs in celebeam elite deep to respawn as chief elite
  • Fixed a group bug when the leader created an instance, only him could see the instance
  • You can now pickup items by pressing spacebar
Build V1.02.026 02/11/2021
  • Fixed some UI bugs
  • Changed some windows size to better fix all langs
  • Added almost all talents from level 0 to 30
  • World map now use localised name
Build V1.02.025 01/11/2021
  • Fixed level 40 bow and staff icons beeing swaped
  • Added the local chat tooltip on the character heads (temporary, will be remade better later)
  • Rework of all windows UI to greatly reduce Style Sheet calculation and try to optimise the game on slower computer
  • Add a light and incomplete version of the ranking system
  • Added some more talents
  • Gold shop items now render in the right locale
  • Added 2 new costumes
  • The manticore in East post now spawn as Chief elite instead of Normal elite
  • Fixed a bug with some skill crashing the skill and buff system (hoping it will fix the whole buff / skill problem with it)
Build V1.02.018 28/10/2021
  • Fixed staff expertise stats
  • Reworked the math behind all stats except HP, MP, ATK, DEF, SPD regarding percentages bonus across all items, skills, and buff
  • Added the stats tooltip on the character window (Not final version)
  • Fixed the tooltip not refreshing in some case (When you equip an item with right click and you already had another item equiped)
  • Added more talents
  • Fixed the total talent point spent per tree branch staying at 0
  • Reworked the whole buff system to allow stacked buff / debuff
  • Added an Halloween theme
Build V1.02.011 23/10/2021
  • Fixed some UI issue in firefox
  • Fixed big mouses collisions issues with NPCs and players
  • Changed most of the base mouse collisions box with basic NPCs (Humanoïd size)
  • Fixed some buffs breaking your game, making you unable to move / attack
  • Fixed some issues with on ground item localisation / name rendering
  • You now can't equip a spirit book with the same attribute multiple time
  • Fixed some talent tooltip now rounding their as they should and showing wrong info
  • Enhanced firebolt talent doesn't give 66 ATK anymore
  • Fixed a bug on spirit absorb system where checking and unchecking rare or epic still consumed rare and epic after unchecking the box
  • All lvl 20 stuff now have Random Mod Stat from D to A
  • When upgrading an item, it now stays on the craft windows until you select another craft to make it easier to mod items
  • Fixed a config error on Viper Outwear that prevented the grades C to A to show the DEF upgrade
  • When crafting, you now directly see the moded stat on the right crafting pane, under the base mod stat
  • If an item can fit a crafting slot, it now won't desapear from the slot (ex: moving from mod stat D, C, B, A with an A item)
  • Added the buff icons on top left, under the EXP bar (with not info tooltip yet)
Build V1.02.007 21/10/2021
  • Passives skills now show the right stats in the character window
  • Mod Stats on stuff now show on the character window
  • New costumes added (free on gold shop during alpha)
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the SPD stat on the character windows was shown as 150 when it wasn't
  • Fixed some tooltip error
  • Fixed a bug where active talent skill that are still not implemented ended up glitching a character when used
  • Added a few new working talents
Build V1.02.002 17/10/2021
  • Passive skills and buffs now are added to your character stats
  • Items can now have percent stats
  • First version of the talent tree
  • During the alpha, and until there is no item to do so, talent reset will be free
  • Fixed a bug where player health could get glitched out and be stuck
  • Attempt to fix an error where a character could still apear on screen after his disconnection when logging into another character of the same account
  • Fixed the item tooltip stats, adding some stats that where not showing in previous versions
Build V1.01.095 12/10/2021
  • No more Costumes / Hairstyles as temporary instance reward
  • Hairstyles and Costumes are now available in the gold shop and will stay during all the alpha at 1 gold to help test them all out
  • Added 3 new costumes
  • You now can see the talents tree (Talent first version updated will be the next update)
  • The item names in the gold shop now use the correct locale
  • Character speed now take into account the SPD stat (which was the last stat that was missing)
  • First try to have random mod stats on items on lvl 20 D Armor (viper outwear)
Build V1.01.093 10/10/2021
  • Added 2 new costumes (chain mail gold and fire colours)
  • Added the 2 costumes as temporary instance reward
  • Corrected the warrior and ranger weapons that didn't have the right stats from level 1 to 70
  • You can now click and right click on your character icon on top left to lock yourself (left click) or open the menu (right click)
  • Fixed a bug where synchronisation of the group state when players had an instance started would fail and crash the server
  • Fixed a skill bug that could lead to server crashes
  • Fixed a buff bug that could lead to server crashes
  • Group health and mana bar now synch properly
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't see how much auto health / mana you had left (mouse hover)
  • Fixed a bug in the player menu (right click a group player icon or target) where check gear would not show the right player's info
  • Player's name in Forced PK area are now red instead of green when they are not in your guild / group
  • Fixed a bug in chrome/safari where the enter key could not focus the chat input (still working on direct click)
  • Small website update
  • All account creation token are now valid for 7 days max
  • If for some reason you didn't get the creation mail, yu can try and get a new one 2 minutes after the last one
  • You can now reset you password if you lost it
Build V1.01.089 06/10/2021
  • Added the missing base attack icons
  • Added the rest icon (still can't rest yet)
  • You can now move the basic attack in another slot
  • Fixed lvl 20 armor stats (client and server)
  • Chief elites in celebeam cave now have drops
  • Chief elites in celebeam cave now have a low chance to drop merlin's spirit eggs
  • Elites and Chief elites now have higher chance to directly drop some gold in your bag
  • Reduced skill book drops
  • Added merlin spirit egg in the instance 20 daily reward
  • (Forgot the gold icon on ground, will be fixed in the next update)
Build V1.01.086 05/10/2021
  • Added some missing lvl 20 and 30 spirits
  • Added merlin spirit egg
  • All haircuts from lvl 0 to 60 have been configured (but no level requirement while so early in alpha)
  • Added the basic attack shortcut in the hotbar
  • Fixed some missing stats on the C B and A 20 stuff
Build V1.01.084 30/09/2021
  • Corrected an equipment bug where you could equip every items in every slots
  • Added every missing craft to upgrade stuff 20 from C to A
  • Corrected some UI not updating right
  • Corrected equipment not synching when a player was changing it until you went away from the map then got back
  • Reduced the auto potion regen rate
  • Merlin now auto attack players
  • Merlin now do much more damage, which might be lowered when his spawn mechanic will be added
Build V1.01.080 26/09/2021
  • Added Celebeam cave Hall of Elite Deep
  • Added Merlin boss with B and A crafting materials drops
  • You can now close opened UI by pressing escape
Build V1.01.076 26/09/2021
  • Passives can now have both Static and % bonuses of the same type at the same time (ex ATK +8 AND ATK +2%)
  • Fixed some skills showing not rounded numbers
  • Fixed a bug where you could not take some quests anymore
  • Some minor UI fix
  • Added 2 more haircut
Build V1.01.074 18/09/2021
  • First version of skill upgrade
  • Lowered a little bit the bosses health in the first instance
  • ATK SPD Now decrease the cooldown of the base attack
  • Pudding slimes and Ice Slimes will now desapear after 5 minutes in the guild quest map
  • Spirit absorb button fixed
  • When you login on an instance map but you are no longer in the instance group, you now get ejected out of the map
  • Required item now shows in red in tooltips when your level is too low
  • Prepared the tooltip to render the upgraded icons corresponding to the item upgraded level (stars, crawn, ect)
  • Prepared the tooltip for the full stat render (base stat + upgraded stat + enhc stats + mod stats) but not fully done yet
Build V1.01.066 12/09/2021
  • Member list now have a proper scroll in the guild UI
  • Elite and Chief elite now give the right amount of EXP
  • Quest objective now tells you when you need to levelup before completing a quest
  • Un/Checking a quest in the quest UI doesn't prevent keyboard event anymore
  • Corrected the 3 high level staff icons that where showing as bows (Destined, Rebirth and Dabura)
  • You should have way less bug when you lost connection and go back to character selection
  • Fixed passive skill not giving bonuses (like 5% HP on Tenacity)
  • You can once again upgrade spirit skills
  • Lowered a little the first instance mob's health
  • npc now show the right reward amount when interacting
  • Elite Redback beatle now drop the right spirit egg
  • You can no longer use gold touch on some mobs
  • Active Skills will now start earning exp on use
Build V1.01.064 09/09/2021
  • Some serverside optimisation
  • Added tooltip on some buttons
  • Added the first version of the instance system
  • Added runesets item in instance reward (but rune system on hold)
  • Reduced the health levelup progression curve
  • Drastically Reduced the mana levelup progression curve
  • The max health now shows the right amount when you equip an item with an health bonus
  • Added temporary haircut reward for the daily instance reward (during alpha only)
  • Health amount now refresh when you unequip an item
  • You should not be abled to receive quest from NPCs when you havn't met all requirments (like the quest "Skill of Gathering Soul")
  • (Many things still need to be perfected or tweaked, but the main instance system is working)
  • You can buy daily instance try as much as you want, but the cost increase after each purchase (and reset every day too)
Build V1.01.036 09/07/2021
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a character wasn't properly destroyed and it could leave a naked character behind it
  • Fix attempt for the daily refresh
  • Few new quests
Build V1.01.032 08/07/2021
  • Corrected a bug where you could still have a guild name with a non existing guild
  • Added some quests
  • Added the possibility to have a choice for some items in quests reward
  • Daily quests now give different reward depending the quest rarity
  • Wax Devil Vincent now have his drops (which will be used later in the crafting system)
  • Daily quests now have their name in the right color in the Quest List UI
Build V1.01.027 26/06/2021
  • Bash skill now works properly
  • Adding the 4th skill of each class with 10 max charges
  • Adding the 5th skill of each class (animation missing)
  • The damage amount now shows when an entity take damages
  • Crit chances should now work properly (10% instead of 90%)
  • You can now only pickup interactible only 1 time before they get deleted
  • Entity spawned by an event (kill / interact) won't run toward the origin point of the map anymore
  • (temporary)If an NPC that targets you get stuck for more than 2 seconds, it gets teleported on you
  • New patch to try and fix the data loss between 2 login
  • Keep in mind that everything (UI / Config / Spawns, ect) is subject to changes between updates
Build V1.01.020 12/06/2021
  • Reduced the base HP / MP growth on levelup
  • Game is once again back in full screen with a better version of the full screen mode
  • Added health and mana normal potion regen animation
  • Added health and mana auto potion
  • (Test) First attempt to auto walk the character in straingt line when your target is not in range (Only on mobs yet)
Build V1.01.009 06/06/2021
  • Fixed the costume stats not adding to the character
  • Fixed an issue when you logged in both from the game and website, you where not able to log into the game anymore
  • Fixed (i hope) an issue where character could loose progress and daily reset
  • Added the item price on the tooltip
Build V1.01.007 03/06/2021
  • Added the walking animation on the character selection
  • Added the walking animation on the character creation
  • Fixed a bug where a re-spawning mob that has previously been an elite or chief elite would't get his normal mob stats back
  • Fixed the player levels not updating on level up when in group
  • Added some missing items
  • Fixed the weapons not showing the right stats
  • When you level up, every dozen of levels, your daily quests list get refreshed
  • The level 20 chests will now give the costume that corresponds to your gender
  • If you lose connection with the server, on re-connection, the character selection it not out of place anymore
  • Fixed a bug with the soul gathering synchronisation
Build V1.01.005 31/05/2021
  • Corrected a bug where you can sometimes change map, but the background and the Mobs / Npcs from the previous maps wouldn't change
  • You will now see the build version next to the ping so you can see if your game is up to date
  • Fixed some NPC skins not showing up
  • Rearanged some interactible mouse hitbox (Daisy, 4 leafed flower, ect...)
  • The server will be down for maintenance at 22H30 GMT+1 for a maximum of 30 minutes. All accounts / characters we be deleted and the new registration system on our website well now be the only place you can register.
  • Your browser now saves most of the main UI position when you move windows (like your bag, character windows, etc)
  • You can now revive with the "Revive" item
  • You can now upgrade your stuff in the craft UI
  • Partially adding the level 20 crafts
  • Craft UI now have sub list to show / hide upgrade of an item
  • Craft UI now has the craft level required next to the craft name
  • Craft UI now has the current level / EXP of each category
  • Adding the Double EXP orb (Double Mobs and Soul Gather EXP)
  • Added the Stamina EXP CAP (You'll only get 10% EXP when out of stamina)
  • New characters will now get Lvl chests (only lv 10 and 20 contains items yet)
  • Added Evil Spirit elite Spirit Egg drop
  • Added basic drops on most of the currently available mobs (Normal and Elites)
  • Fixed the "Dawn Grass" showing up as an Altar
  • Fixed the "Dawn Grass" mouse colision
  • Fixed a bug where the portals in the map would refresh indefinitely
  • Added the right color of the portals (to inform the type of map you go into)
  • Greatly reduced the ammount of time a map doesn't load properly
  • New version of the cookie reading / writing to allow config to be saved on a bigger variety of browsers
  • Added the Poison / Freeze effect on the Players / Mobs
  • You no longer continue moving when you cast a skill or interact with a world object
  • You can pick up items normaly after using the "sort" button in your bag
  • You can now Track / Untrack quests
  • Better handling of Players login / out
  • Added Evil Spirit to Celebeam Hall of Elite
  • Sprite's overlay have been reworked so the player goes in front / under object depending on it's position
  • Added the "Chaotic Jungle" map
  • Added the "East Post" map
  • Added the "Harbor Plain" map
  • Added the "Cain Harbor" map
  • Fixed Nagar Warrior attack animation
  • Added the Daily Quest System (Exp quests, not talent)
    • Level 30 will get level 20 quests for now as the second continent is not added yet
    • Quest rarity won't increase EXP reward until next update
    • Some dailies can't be completed yet
  • You now see the quests level next to the name in the quests window
  • Added BGMs in all currents maps
  • Complete rework of the chat input
    • You can now see chat emotes directly in the input
    • You can now link an item by using shift + left click on it (bag, stash or character window)
  • Black Magic info is now gathered correctly when you start the game
  • Fixed the costume system that would not take the costume skin when equiped
  • Fixed the slots background in the character window that was still visile when an item was equiped in some cases
  • Adding the first costume: Chain Mail (Will be added in the level up chest in the next update)
  • Some server side memory leak fixed with NPC IA
  • Added the NPC type as it's title (ex: Elite is the mob title)
  • Mouse event are now properly reloaded when a new UI is created
  • You can no longer open the feed / absorb popup multiple times
  • Fixed some objects going on top of the player
  • All character stats are now rendered in the Character Window
  • Guild name is now properly rendered in the character window
  • Slimes from the Guild Quest map should now have a high defence and can't be killed in one shot
  • Quests now auto complete when you already have the required materials in your inventory
  • Adding custom mouse hitboxes for Map Interacticles (like flowers, altar, ...)
  • Fixed a visual bug where the soul animation would be on top of the slot and not in it
  • Increased the interaction range of some object
  • Added a few quests
  • Added Chaotic Hills
  • Added Celebeam Cave 1
  • Added Celebeam Hall of Elite
  • Big Server Side memory usage optimisation
  • Health and Mana potions now regen the right amount of health
  • Elites can now also randomly spawn at server launch and not only when killed
  • Increased the HP spirit book stat leveling curve to make it less useless at higher level
  • Mobs from Slime Plain to Lahm Shore now have a chance to respawn as Elite
  • Elites from Slime Plain to Lahm Shore have a chance to drop a Spirit Egg
  • The spirit egg "Escaping Prum Bear" now have a 100% hatch chance
  • Added a few more quests
  • Added the first version of the Spirit System
  • Added most of the spirit from lvl 10 to 40 (but many 20 are still missing)
  • Added Gold Touch description when you hover the skill
  • Correction some UI going on top of each other
  • Added the bag's "Sort" button
  • Added the "Bind on Pickup" system
  • Cherished Dew are now deleted from your bag when you get the Guild quest reward
  • Added some main quests (not much)
  • Added mobs and NPCs in Oracle Lake
  • Added the Gold Touch skill
  • Stamina bar render correctly and is in synchs with the server
  • Magicpoint now render correctly and is in synchs with the server
  • The ping is now rendered next to the map name (top right corner)
  • Fixed the guild grade menu that where not doing anything
  • The town scroll is now consumed when used if you are successfully teleported
  • Increased a little bit the mouse hitbox of the Nagar Overseer
  • Lvl 30 weapons animations are done
  • Added the Guild daily quest
    • Each guild quest level are individual quests triggered by your level, so going from level 39 to 40 with the 1st quest active won't make you lose a day, you will still be able to pickup the 2nd quest the same day
  • Added the ability for the guild leader to change a member's grade
  • The guild member list refresh properly now
  • Added the ability for all members (except leader) to leave a guild
  • Added the ability to donate gold / ressource to your guild
  • Added the ability to Upgrade your guild and guild shop
  • => Know bug
  • The guild list is not ordered yet
  • Guild list now show correctly 10 guild by page
  • You can now send a guild invite to a player clicking on him in the dropdown menu
  • Adding the first version of the "My Guild" window
  • MOBs now should have their own separate stats
  • MOBs now have separate drop table if they are normal, elite, or chief elite
  • Stash pages will now automatically be unlocked after you reach lvl 40 and then 60 (levels are subject to changes)
  • The ring "Gear Position" tooltip now show the right text string
  • Dabura staff icon now have the right icon
  • Multi-use rope icon now have the right icon
  • World Map: Added the first continent map point
  • World Map: Added the hover effect on all continents
  • Item icon no longer shows on the slot under the one he really is (bug for the weapon in character windows mainly)
  • Adding a first version of the check gear function
  • New version of the Daily reset to try and force the reset at 6am (GMT+1 right now, TimeZone and Hour are subject to changes)
  • Added the Guild list and creation (300 gold instead of 300K and lvl 5 instead of 20 for the alpha to test out the system)
  • Client side of the Guild quest map added (Daily quests system will probably come in the next weeks)
  • All first continent map have been reworked on the client side to be optimised and look better
  • Little server side optimisation and minor bug correction
  • World map UI started (you have an overview of what it will be)*
  • Added some quests
  • Character positioning on the select / create character now fixed
  • Added the stash
  • Treefolk Town, Slime Plain, and beast woods => rework and optimisation
  • Tooltip positioning improvement
  • Animations of skills will now play even if the target is killed before the start of the animation
  • Poison Arrow now do damages and will no longer crash the server
  • Passives can no longer be Dragged and Dropped
  • Skill book now shows the right level
  • Magic shield can now target the right entity
  • Reworked the "Required items" counts in the craft window (Not final UI)
  • Now the costume weapon slot is properly used to show different skin if you put a weapon in it
  • Adding a completely new mouse collisions system for the entities (Players and NPCs)
  • Added the possibility to have portals that only moves a player inside the map
  • Complete rework of Treefold Town
  • Translations update
  • First version of the daily reset (no fixed hour yet) [Tested]
  • Mobs can no longer be killed multiple times with an AOE
  • Added lvl 10 weapons animations
  • Costumes slots are now rendering how they should
  • Interactibles are spawning again (Daisy, four leafed flower, ect)
  • Group is now limited to 7 players
  • You can't invite a player in a group when he already has one
  • You shouldn't be able to spam skill to have multiple times the EXP / Drops
  • Souls now don't drop on the exact mob position to try and have less souls on top of each others
  • First version of the daily reset has been added (Without a precise reset hour for now)
  • Added the chat size button (with 3 sizes for now)
  • Some character animation where not looking right
  • Added the first version of the Event window
  • Added the first version of the Molten Arena map (PK Map)
  • Added the PK / Peace forced in certain maps
  • Skills can no longer be casted when not enough mana
  • Added all Four-Leafed Flower and Strawberries to Slime Plain
  • Added missing Beehives
  • Added missing Wild Fruits in Beast Woods
  • Adding Bee skin in Sacred Wilderness
  • Correcting a FR quest translation
  • Adding Skill Quest 15 Objective and Description
  • "Q" Now open the quest interface
  • Visual bug Fixes in Slime Plain
  • Added a portal from Cain Kingdom to the Cathedral
  • Slime plain is now fixed, and also have 2 new beehives
  • Naga Overseer is now level 13 and has health proper max health
  • Lvl 5 skill part 1 quest objective text added
  • Lvl 5 skill part 2 quest objective / description text added
  • Lvl 10 skill part 1 quest objective text added
  • Added the respawn time for interactible object (like wild fruit)
  • Prum Bear, Boar and Baby Boar now drops Honney
  • Added Four-Leafed Flowers in the slime plain as world interactive objects
  • Some map have been optimised a bit and rearanged
  • Rings now have ATK instead of DEF stat
  • Beehive doesn't jiggle and wiggle anymore.
  • Player animations are working (i hope lol)
  • Nagar Overseer will now drop the General Ring.
  • Lahm Shore map is fixed
  • Green circle under the chief monster is now fixed (they don't appear under it anymore)
  • NPC names in sacred wilderness are corrected now. ❤️